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Considering a Visit?

No matter your experience with church in the past, you have your own unique story and background. Actually, that's why we would be honored to meet you sometime!  

Drops of Water


Your First Visit



Meet our Pastors

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Get Involved


Your First Visit

We are in the NW unit of 130 Burrer Drive, one block from the Sunbury city square. As you enter, you will see the kids check in station, the restrooms, and the sanctuary. There will be friendly faces to welcome you.


Meet Our Pastors

Our pastors 1. want to hear your story, and 2. answer your questions. (This is informal, and we aren't wanting anything from you other than to get to know you.)


Get Connected

When does this step happen? When you start feeling the shift from "I attend here" to "this is MY church"! 

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